Welcome to MMSU - Online CFAT Application

Application Instructions

  1. From Here (http://cfat.mmsu.edu.ph), click the Apply menu to proceed with application.
  2. Complete the application form and click Submit Application button for confirmation.
  3. Take note of the Application Code for payment purposes.
  4. Go to the Cashiers Office (FEM Bldg. City of Batac or CTE Admin Bldg. Laoag City) for the Payment of your Application. Show your Application Code upon payment. The cashier will give you your Official Receipt. Keep it safe for future transactions.
  5. Back in this site, click Permit menu to get your schedule.
  6. Enter your Application Code and OR Number and click Submit button.
  7. Download and Print your Examination Permit.
  8. Present your Student ID and Examination Permit with 1"x1" ID pictures during the examination schedule.

Send message to cfat@mmsu.edu.ph or mmsuhelpdesk2@yahoo.com for questions and inquiries regarding Online CFAT Application.

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